aunt julia poem essay

Study Norman MacCaig's poem Aunt Julia, for Higher English. His aunt lived in a croft on a small island in the Outer Hebrides and only spoke Gaelic.
Study a poem by MacCaig for National 5 English about his Aunt Julia who lived in a croft on a small island in the Outer Hebrides, speaking no English.
Structure – every stanza begins with a direct reference to 'Aunt Julia' – “She / Hers” – this emphasises her importance both as the subject of the poem and to MacCaig. We are introduced to the slightly eccentric personality of his aunt with her loud, fast and incomprehensible speech. Stanza One - Analysis. The repetition of
The use of the dash at the end of the third line suggests that the poet has adapted the parallelism in line 3 / 4 to make line 4 stronger. Stanza One - Analysis. Aunt Julia speaks Gaelic very loud and very fast. The speaker states “ I could not answer her, I could not understand her” immediately establishing one of the main
The poem can be read as a lament on the passing away of a beloved aunt but it might also be possible to read it as a lament on the passing away of an entire way of life. The poet certainly tries to give the reader a sense of admiration for the kind of low-tech cottage industry life that. Aunt Julia lived. Themes. Death. Loss.
He clearly liked and admired his Aunt Julia and presents her as a passionate (verse 1), welcoming (verse 5) and comforting person (verse 3) who made him feel safe. The ending of the poem is ambiguous. As he recollects Aunt Julia welcoming him, who is it who is getting “angry/ with so many questions unanswered”?
“Aunt Julia” – Critical Reading Questions. By referring to one technique, show how the first stanza is an effective opening to the poem. (2). “Aunt Julia...” Placing the name as the first phrase establishes her as an important figure. Repetition: “very loud and very fast”; The repetition of this word emphasises Aunt Julia's dynamic
Aunt Julia - Sample Essay. At the start of the poem the narrator talks as a child and immature person. In Aunt Julia poem, the narrator feels frustrated and confused “Very loud and very fast”, his language is plain and factual, he uses repetition to emphasise that her language which is the “Gaelic language” is very hard to
Poem. Aunt Julia spoke Gaelic very loud and very fast. I could not answer her — I could not understand her. She wore men's boots when she wore any. — I can see her strong foot, stained with peat, paddling with the treadle of the spinningwheel while her right hand drew yarn marvellously out of the air. Hers was the only
A powerpoint presentation revision aid on Aunt Julia by Normal MacCaig. Simple analysis and contextual information designed for pupils entered for the foundation paper. Please leave feedback.... ... Powerpoint presentation analysis of the poem with context and themes. To support AQA B Pre-release material 2011,

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